taken by Luis Ribelles Photography

                                                                       taken by Luis Ribelles Photography

About me

I'm Elena Ferré, a business strategist and project manager living in Mexico.  I run a few projects like Melestic and Stories Atelier, and adviser at a few other startups. In my spare time I am a photographer, usually traveling and enjoying great food and a good cup of coffee or just doing some yoga. I am passionate and full of energy, I like to get things done and curiosity is part of my DNA.

Why Should You Work With Me?

My skill set is all around I am good at business strategy, project scoping, implementations, and communication, but I am also good at process improvement and change management and a little bit of product development. I am familiar with multiple project management methodologies, but my key focus is always people as my view that is what makes it or break it. I am a fast learner and I love changes, I am flexible and I do not need to have 2 days that look the same. 

My drive is something I am proud of, I am really responsible and passionate about any project I take a part of. I take pride in delivering on time and within the budget. My main focus is to maximize an impact with great team spirit while achieving results not only through myself but through the team and organizations adopting a change. 

My areas of specialty go from teams and project management to communications and coaching. I love both working on business strategy as well as on its operational execution. When it comes to communication I have managed internal communications from making presentations, organizing events, managing the intranet and its content as well as creating templates and branding materials, training materials and training people. In terms of external communication, I have managed campaigns and digital content as well as managing press releases and events. 

I am a people person and I love innovation, new things catch my interest and I believe experimenting is the way we learn and discover new things. 

You can also check my projects or my resume to find out more.

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